[rt-users] RT2 -> RT3 problems

Nils-Erik Svangård nisse at dc.ltu.se
Fri Sep 17 08:16:14 EDT 2004

Hi all!
I'm doing a upgrade from RT-2.0.5 to RT-3.2.1. I'm doing a apache 
WebExternalAuth via ldap.
Everything seems to be working fine. I have also dumped and imported 
data, it also seems to have worked.
My problems are:
  * I cant log in as the root user (and yes I turn of ldap auth. when 
logging in). The user root doesnt seem to exist in the database.
  * No rights seems to be set on the groups, I try to change my own 
name, but I get permission denied. I try to add myself to any group: 
Permission denied.

Does anyone know where the problem is?


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