[rt-users] Resolving ticket without sending outgoing email to requestors

John Stoffel john.stoffel at taec.toshiba.com
Thu Dec 1 16:10:56 EST 2005

Davin> Is there anyway to resolve a ticket without sending the
Davin> requesters a confirmation email.  It works fine if the user
Davin> responds with a further issue on the ticket and the ticket is
Davin> opened, but our nicer users might reply to the resolved email
Davin> with 'Thanks!' which reopens the ticket.  We try to resolve it
Davin> again, and again 'Thanks!'.  Is there a way you can suppress
Davin> this email and still resolve the ticket?

Just edit the template and put in a line which says "No reply is
necessary for this email!"

Disabling the notification isn't a great idea in my mind, because it
gives the user a notifcation that YOU think the work is done.  If it's
done, they can ignore the email.  Otherwise they can reply with more
details and re-open the ticket nicely.

It's more of a user education issue.


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