[rt-users] RT 3.4.4 , ACLs and privacy

Maxime Levasseur maxime.levasseur at b3g-telecom.com
Sat Dec 3 13:03:20 EST 2005

Hi to the list,

Got some difficulties to understand on point regarding ACL's ( yes i 
read wiki and yes i bought the book : ) and maybe you will provide some 

RT 3.4.4 is used.

We ve got a queue queue is called 'Issues'

Each customer ( A, B , C ) has its own login and i want theim to be able 
to create and to have a look on their tickets through the web interface
. They will only see the issues they submitted to the queue and i don't 
want A to see B's tickets, C's tickets ...

A B & C belong to a group called 'Customers'

Lets' call my second group 'Staff' composed by guys who will have to 
answer tickets.

I defined the following rights for the Customers Queue :

A- System Groups / Privileged : Create ticket - Reply to ticket - See queue

B- Roles / Requestor Rights => See Queue - Show ticket - Reply to ticket

C- User Defined groups / Customers ==> See Queue - Create tickets.

D- User Defined groups / Staff ==> Comment + Create + Delete + Modify + 
Own + Show MAil + Show ticket + Show ticket comments + Steal tickets + 
Take tickets

Scenario :

Customer A creates a ticket viewable only by himself + staff ( normal 
behaviour )

Once a staff member took the ticket to work on it, we can see  ' Owner 
changed from Nobody to staff ' in th TT history ( normal behaviour too)

Problem : Customer A does not see its ticket anymore in the inferface. 
If the staff member changes the owner to 'Nobody', the ticket becomes 
viewable again for 'A'.

If i change User Defined groups / Customers ==> See Queue - Create 
tickets to ==> See Queue + Create tickets + See Ticket, 'A' will see its 
ticket again and others tickets too ... and this becomes a problem.

Any help will be appreciated

Best Regards


Merry Christmas !

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