[rt-users] RT 3.4.4 , ACLs and privacy

Maxime Levasseur maxime.levasseur at b3g-telecom.com
Sun Dec 4 04:22:50 EST 2005

>>I'm a little bit less lost now but my problem isn't solved.
>>My problem is here, i have this ACL for my queue :
>>A- System Groups / Privileged : Create ticket - Reply to ticket - See queue
>>B- Roles / Requestor Rights => See Queue - Show ticket - Reply to ticket
>>C- User Defined groups / Customers ==> See Queue - Create tickets.
>>Problem is rule C. If I add the 'Show Ticket' permission, customer A
>>will see tickets from cust B, cust C ... and if i don't cust A won't see
>>its own tickets anymore  (when they are owned by someone else ... a
>>technical staff member for example )
>>If someone here use a single queue for several users without any privacy
>>problem,  please give me the acl's : )
> I've checked this and it works, at least user could find his tickets.
> May be you mean that "Quick search" list of queues is empty?

Thanks for your time Ruslan, Todd

You're absolutely right : user can find his tickets, and only his 
tickets will appear ... AND 'Quick search' list of queues is empty ? How 
to explain it ( the requestor is allowed to 'See queue' ) ? How can i 
change it to make my user happy by viewing his tickets in the Quick 
Search list ?

Thanks again.

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