[rt-users] Approval Question

Torsten Brumm tob at brummix.de
Sun Dec 4 14:18:04 EST 2005

Hi RT Users,

a small Question for Approvals.

I have set up a approval Process successfully, but i'm not happy with 
the responses back to the Requestor. It looks like the information back 
to the Requestor (Approved or Rejected) are coming from a Template/Scrip 
Action from the ___Approval Set...but i can't find where i can change this.

The Problem.

If a Approval Request is denied, the requestor gets a Mails like:

Subject: Ticket Rejected: Change Request 18:23


Your ticket has been rejected by username

So far so good. but if a Approval is accepted, the Requestor gets the following Mail back:

Subject: Ticket Rejected: Sunday Change Request 


Your ticket has been approved by torsten.brumm.


This is confusing for the Users and i can't find where to change this...

Any Hints?!?

Other approvals may be pending.

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