Announcing RTx::Statistics v0.1.6 (was RE: [rt-users] Re: statistics module)

Kelly F. Hickel kfh at
Mon Dec 5 13:38:44 EST 2005

Sorry, just as I was writing, I was "summoned" to lunch! ;>

Anyhow, there's a ton of code cleanup (although there's certainly more
to do).  The tables match the style of the rest of RT, the graph boxes
have been standardized and cleaned up. I added a spreadsheet download to
a couple of the pages (waiting for feedback and a chance to standardize
before I added the rest), the various boxes can be collapsed ala the
rest of RT. A number of incorrect behaviors have been corrected (e.g.
"See Weekends" isn't broken any more), it was packaged with RTx, so
there's an installer.  Just more yummy goodness for the same price!

There may be some more details in the readme (which is also posted at
the wiki).

I was going to put up some screenshots, but I don't have an instance
with much good data in it (we still haven't switched our support team to
RT from bugzilla yet). Rik, can you come up with some postable


Kelly F. Hickel
Senior Software Architect
MQSoftware, Inc
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> On Mon, Dec 05, 2005 at 11:40:50AM -0600, Kelly F. Hickel wrote:
> > OK, I've just updated the wiki and put the new package on the
> > ftp site. (see
> >
> >
> > Statistics is now RTx::Statistics and comes with an installer.
> >
> > Give it a try (if you feel brave, if you're less brave, wait a week
> > so!).
> >
> What's new in the new version?

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