Announcing RTx::Statistics v0.1.6 (was RE: [rt-users] Re: statistics module)

Richard Ellis Richard.Ellis at Sun.COM
Tue Dec 6 10:10:01 EST 2005


I'll sort out some screenshots and upload to the Wiki page in the next
couple of days. I can get some from our dev server, which uses a data
cut from live. Data volume isn't massive, but it should demonstrate the
graphs etc.


On Mon, 2005-12-05 at 18:38, Kelly F. Hickel wrote:
> Sorry, just as I was writing, I was "summoned" to lunch! ;>
> Anyhow, there's a ton of code cleanup (although there's certainly more
> to do).  The tables match the style of the rest of RT, the graph boxes
> have been standardized and cleaned up. I added a spreadsheet download to
> a couple of the pages (waiting for feedback and a chance to standardize
> before I added the rest), the various boxes can be collapsed ala the
> rest of RT. A number of incorrect behaviors have been corrected (e.g.
> "See Weekends" isn't broken any more), it was packaged with RTx, so
> there's an installer.  Just more yummy goodness for the same price!
> There may be some more details in the readme (which is also posted at
> the wiki).
> I was going to put up some screenshots, but I don't have an instance
> with much good data in it (we still haven't switched our support team to
> RT from bugzilla yet). Rik, can you come up with some postable
> screenshots?

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