[rt-users] Multiple users linking

sushi94 sushi94 at caramail.com
Mon Dec 5 17:15:42 EST 2005

Good evening,

sorry for my last mail.

I saw an old and interesting  thread related to the same subject  but i'm stuck on a scrip writing.

I would like to use a scrip that  OnCreate takes requestor, then finds its group, get all
members of that group and adds them as requestors(or as Cc) to an issue.

Did anybody here get to write this scrip and can provide some help ?

In fact i want to share rights between members of a same group  in a single queue ( =without having a queue dedicated to each group ). With my current rights definitions, group A members can't see group B issues, but only the requestor can see his tickets.  I wan't all the members of group A to be able to see group A issues and not only the requestor.

Best Regards,

Sushi, a 3.4.4 user.

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