[rt-users] Template Question

Torsten Brumm tob at brummix.de
Wed Dec 7 05:30:29 EST 2005

Hi RT Users,

i have a problem with a Template and i hope someone has a good idea.

Let me explain shortly the situation and what i have tried till now.

I have to Queues: CR:ROBOT and CR:ROBOT-AUTH

These Queues are needed to implement Robot Jobs, but not everybody is 
allowed to create a Ticket at the CR:ROBOT.

I have created a procmail Filter, that figures out if the Requestor is 
allowed to open a Ticket and if not, the mail will be redirected to the 

So far all works fine. But now i need the following workflow.

- The Ticktes from the CR:ROBOT-AUTH Queue will be handled by a Group of 
users and if they say: OK you can do this change, they guys will move 
the Ticket to the CR:ROBOT Queue

Now i have created a Scrip/Template condition that triggers on a queue 
change with a special Template. The Scrip informs the Queue (CR:ROBOT) 
Watcher about the new Ticket and the Template should give the original 
Informations as Mail Content.

The Queue Watchers at this Queue don't have access to the RT, they only 
acting via Mail, so it is needed to give them the original Content from 
the first Request.

So far, so good, this is also working fine. But, the Requestor sends in 
each Case a attached word Dokument which MUST also be forwarded to the 
AdminCcs of the CR:ROBOT Queue - but this isn't working till now.

My Template looks like:


RT-Attach-Message: yes

{$Transaction->CreatedAsString}: Change Request {$Ticket->id} was acted 
Transaction: {$Transaction->Description} : This change is approved by 
Corporate IT
       Queue: {$Ticket->QueueObj->Name}
     Subject: {$Transaction->Subject || $Ticket->Subject || "(No subject 
       Owner: {$Ticket->OwnerObj->Name}
  Requestors: {$Ticket->RequestorAddresses}
      Status: {$Ticket->Status}
 Ticket <URL: {$RT::WebURL}Ticket/Display.html?id={$Ticket->id} >

{ $Ticket->Transactions->First->Content; }

{ $Transaction->Attachments; } # i also have tried this: { 
$Ticket->$Transaction->Attachments; } without success

i have also tried the 
http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?AddAttachmentLinksToMail scrips 
but they don't work at all...!? and they also only add the Attachment 
Link to the Mail but not the attachment.

Has anyone a idea??? I'm going crazy...



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