[rt-users] Autoclose a Specific Subject String

Matt -|- Cheeky Nature -|- matt at cheekynature.com
Thu Dec 8 01:35:15 EST 2005

Hi all.

I would like to Autoclose a ticket matching an exact subject.
I am on RT 3.4.4
This is what I have tried. (mostly from http://www.soundwave.net/~wmono/rt/)

Description: Auto-Close
Condition: On Create
Action: User Defined
Template: Global template: Blank
Stage: TransactionCreate
Custom condition:

if (($self->TicketObj->Subject = "My Subject" )  &&
($self->TicketObj->Sender = "apache at localhost" )) {
} else {

Custom action preparation code: 1;
Custom action cleanup code:

$self->TicketObj->SetStatus( "resolved" );

Prob Obvious but alas I am no Perl or otherwise programmer... TIA

Regards, Matt.

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