[rt-users] it seems to be a fuzzy answers only FAQ re: customer or client access to RT

Duncan Shannon dshannon at techfluent.com
Mon Dec 12 01:39:17 EST 2005

Hi List-

I hate for my first post to the list to be a FAQ (which the archives
show it coming up every couple of months...) I've used RT for a bit over
a year now, it's a great system. Im implementing it a bit differently
for a new employer...

I, like many others, want to use RT as a helpdesk/task tracker type
system for Internal use, and for our customers.

We have help desk staff, that are on site with customers doing
network/desktop support for our customers.

We have internal projects/helpdesk issues to attend to.

I would like a system that:

1) Tracks my internal helpdesk and project tasks (DONE)
2) Allows for any one at a customer site to create helpdesk tickets
3) Allows for the Manager to login and get a feel for all of the tix
that his users have submitted to our RT w/o seeing any data for our
other customers. Manager prob. Has a few more rights than the users,
that is prob. Negotiable.
4) Allows for the user to login, track and correspond to their ticket.
(Basically DONE). Im not sure if it matters or not if the users would
see the other tickets from their company or not... 

So, I guess what it boils down to is getting #3 somehow, and fine tuning
#4. Basically, I need to use RT to track helpdesk tickets at multiple
tickets, give the requestor a way to get their problem solved, and a way
for the Manager at that client a way to get an over view of everything
for his company.

I will also note that each customer typically has 2 queues (Helpdesk and
Projects). We can certainly make groups, permissions or what ever we
need to do.

I am more than happy to combine the info and write a little how-to for
the wiki if some of you will help me work thru getting there.

I have searched the lists, seems like it might kinda work, is a bit
off... who knows. 

Many thanks,

Duncan Shannon
Techfluent, Inc.
(P) 612-338-1300
(F) 612-638-1310
dshannon at techfluent.com

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