[rt-users] resolved time update

Craig Stevenson stevensc at nsuok.edu
Mon Dec 12 15:31:55 EST 2005

My users need to be able to manually set the Closed time of a ticket.  
When the ticket is 'resolved'
the Closed field is set to the current time stamp.  This is not what I 
need.  In my case the work would actually be completed some time before 
the ticket is resolved in the RT system. 

I have added a Closed field to the Tickets->#####->Dates screen.  If 
this form is used after the 'Resolved' action is taken.  My user can set 
the correct time of  resolution.

I would like better than this.  I am thinking that adding a form to the 
'Resolved' page would be best, but I cannot see my way through to that 
yet. ...  (Meaning I don't have working code to do that yet.)

Do other people have a similar issue?  What is the best way to get at 
manual date resolution?

Thank so much. 

Craig Stevenson
|| stevensc at nsuok.edu | 918-456-5511x5955
|| Northeastern State University
|| 601 N. Grand | Tahlequah, Oklahoma 74464-2399

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