[rt-users] modifications to RT are not reflected

JP Chilumula cjayaprakashreddy at yahoo.com
Mon Dec 12 15:44:11 EST 2005


I've made some changes to

To be more specific.. I've added these lines:

# Ok, lets take a look at all the environment
% foreach $key (sort keys(%ARGS)) {
%      print "$key = $ARGS{$key}<p>";
%   } 

and made some changes to the HTML form:

<H3><a href="some URL"> Please click here to login.

This is because the authentication will be from a
different web application, which will redirect it back
to RT.

However, if I stop apache and restart it, the changes
are not picked up. I remember doing some changes a few
weeks back and the changes were picked up, but now, it
simply refuses to pickup the changes. Is there
something else that needs to be done?

Thank you for the help!!

Warmest Regards,

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