[rt-users] My install on Mac OS X server

Mike Braziel mike at mactech-solutions.com
Tue Dec 13 15:25:21 EST 2005

In my RT install on Mac OS X 10.4 Server, the permissions are r-xr- 
x--- with root as the owner and rt3 as the group.

Be sure your group is set to the short name of the RT group in  
Workgroup Manager. Example: mine is Name: Request Tracker, Short  
Name: rt3, Group ID 1025

I have a start of a install and setup document for 10.4 server going,  
if you' are interested.

Mike Braziel
mike at mactech-solutions.com

On Dec 13, 2005, at 11:07 AM, Josh Kuperman wrote:

> On 12/13/05, Torsten Brumm <tob at brummix.de> wrote:
>> Hi Josh,
>> if i understand the error correct, then the Apache can't find: Can't
>> locate /opt/rt3/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm
> You're right! The problem is apparently permissions. The ownership is
> root with group rt. I just changed the permissions from 550 to 555 so
> that any user could read or execute the file and that seemed to work.
> But obviously this is not right as the original permissions should be
> correct.
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