[rt-users] Problem with RTx::Statistic V0.1.6 and Request Tracker V3.4.4/3.4.5rc2

Nick Metrowsky nmetrowsky at digitalglobe.com
Tue Dec 13 18:22:57 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,


I recently downloaded the new release of RTX-Statistics-0.1.6.tar.gz
from your web site. First, it is a vast improvement over the previous
version. Also, it seamlessly meshes with Request Tracker. However, I
have come up with one issue, I am not sure if this has something to do
with Mason or Statistics.


When I use click on RTx::Statistics and use any of the functions, and
then I return to home or another area of Request Tracker, it does not
display the text of the ticket headers in any of the Ticket areas. All
you see is Take, if the ticket is in the unowned ticket area. When you
click on a queue, all you see is alternating purple and white lines;
nothing else. If you hit reload 3 times fast, then everything appears on
the screen. When you use RTX::Statistics, the same thing happens; again
hitting refresh three times fast causes items to display. However, when
you do that, you can only look at the top queue in the pull down screen.


Another issue, the graphs do not initially display, unless you hit
reload. It may be a symptom of the same problem.


When I installed RTx::Statistics, I stopped the web server, removed
/opt/rt3/var/mason_data/obj directory, and restarted the web server. I
have done this a few times, without avail. 


I am using RedHat Enterprise 3 Update 6, with Apache 2.0.55, perl 5.8.7,
mod_perl 2.0,  mysql-4.1.15, gd-2.0.33, GD-2.30 (CPAN), GDGraph 1.43
(CPAN), GDTextUtil 0.86 (CPAN), libpng 1.2.8, Request Tracker V3.4.4,
Asset Tracker V1.2.1 and ExtractCustomFieldValues 1.0b1. Everything is
installed in /usr/local, with the exception of Request Tracker/Asset
Tracker/RTx::Statistics wheich are installed in /opt/rt3. A lot of
software, isn't it?


In all cases, I used Firefox, Mozilla and Windows Explorer (all recent
versions) and the problem exists using either browser.


Anyway ideas about what is going on would be greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your help in advance.


Take care!





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