[rt-users] Need to set up many queues

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Wed Dec 14 16:47:16 EST 2005

On Wed, Dec 14, 2005 at 02:02:45PM -0700, Nick Metrowsky wrote:
> Hi Everyone,
>  Is there a good way to set up a bunch of queues rather quickly, as I
> need too set up over 30 Queues. I have been playing with a perl script
> that adds queues to the Queue table and Roles to the Groups table to
> assign Cc, AdminCc, Requestor, and Owner. When I employ this method, the
> Roles do not show up on the Queue Groups Rights area. They only do when
> a Queue is create via Request Tracker.

You need to use the RT Perl API!

use RT;
use RT::Queue;


for ( qw ( q_A q_B q_C ) ) {

    my $q = RT::Queue->new( $RT::SystemUser );
    $q->Create( Name => $_, ..........


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