[rt-users] LDAP Authentication & Retrieving User Information

Nick Metrowsky nmetrowsky at digitalglobe.com
Thu Dec 15 11:51:34 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,


I have just read through the various Wiki documents concerning setting
up LDAP functionality within RT. There seems to be a conflict between
the AutoCreateAnd CanonicalizeUserInfor and LDAP WiKi documents. Both
suggest to install User_Local.pm in $RT_HOME/lib/RT. The LDAP version of
User_Local.pm authenticates users via LDAP; I want this. The
AutoCreate... User_Local.pm retrieves user information from LDAP when a
user account is created, I also want this. I know you cannot have two
User_Local.pm files in the same place, so is there a way to implement
both functionalities?


Thank you for your time.


Take care!



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