[rt-users] best resources for understanging permissions for users, groups and queues

Todd Chapman todd at chaka.net
Fri Dec 16 16:49:31 EST 2005

Shameless plug:

Once you understand RT's permissions you might find them
easier to view and administer with RTx::RightsMatrix, which
can be found on CPAN.


On Thu, Dec 15, 2005 at 10:30:05AM -0600, Duncan Shannon wrote:
> 	Hi All-
> Im needing to be more granular and careful about permissions (with 20 or
> so queues) compared to before it was just 2 or 3.
> Im more than happy to RTFM, but I goggled around a bit and checked the
> wiki, but don't feel I ever found a 'definitive guide to RT permissions'
> (sorry if I missed it)
> Can someone point me to a guide for permissions?
> Specifically, I want to achieve:
> 1) Several queues (2 per client, 10 clients lets say) That is done.
> 2) groups of users (staff) that have access to the appropriate queues
> (customers that they do work for) to do normal ticket work (create,
> edit, update, resolve etc) So far, I picture one group per client, and
> then give rights on clients queues to the client group
> That is the basics of what I need to do..
> I'd love to figure out a way to give the mgmt of our clients a way to
> login and see all the tix that their end users have created in our
> system... but that can be a battle for another day.
> TIA.
> duncan

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