[rt-users] Create ticket mail loop

Mike Patterson mikep at uclink.berkeley.edu
Thu Dec 15 15:47:38 EST 2005


I created a "nomail" queue that had no scrips that created 
correspondence (which of course means unassigning all of the default 
scrips and recreating individually for each queue).
Stopping sendmail or whatever email daemon you use will give you a 
chance to breathe as well.

Whenever someone would used a horribly stupid vacation rule that messed 
up the headers (like used to happen all the time on an older version of 
GroupWise), I'd move the ticket to that queue. At one point we also had 
procmail use regex matching for things that sounded like vacation mail 
subject lines and put vacation sounding messages in that queue 
Procmail also redirects tagged spam to that queue as well (why write 
back spammers and potentially verify your address?).

Good luck.


Vivek Khera wrote:

> On Dec 15, 2005, at 8:34 AM, Victor Geere wrote:
>> How do I halt this problem in the short term?  How do I prevent this 
>> from happening in future?
> Short term: you either temporarily remove your autorespond scrip or 
> you block the sender at the mail server until the loop is broken.
> Long term:
> RT *really* needs a built-in autoresponder squelch system.  We get 
> into autoresponder wars on occasion.  If we're lucky they have the 
> original subject so they all go to the same ticket... once we burned 
> thru like 20k tickets before we could stop it.
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Mike Patterson
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UC Berkeley Extension

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