[rt-users] No RT user found when using crontool

Haim Dimer hdimer at prolexic.com
Thu Dec 15 16:39:43 EST 2005

I'm running RT 3.4.4 on Mac OS X. I have installed RT under my home  
directory, Apache is running under my uid. All is well, I can create  
tickets and everything. I have a haimdimer user in RT with SuperUser  
privileges (and a password is set as well)

I'm starting to play around with rt-crontool. I tried running it as  
root, as haimdimer, setting RTUSER and RTPASS to haimdimer/pass and  
the only message I get is

No RT user found. Please consult your RT administrator.

After reading the wiki, Google and the RT Essentials book, you're my  
only hope.

Haim Dimer
Systems Administrator
Prolexic Technologies
866-800-0366 x 1023

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