[rt-users] LDAP --RT

Janin christian 8170 Christian.Janin at emn.fr
Fri Dec 16 07:34:12 EST 2005


i try tu use ldap for authenticate users. 
i put in the rt/lib/RT directory the file  User_Local.pm for ldap

I add some information about ldap  in the file rt/etc/RT_SiteConfig.pm

$LDAPExternalAuth = 1;

and when i try to log on rt with an ldap uid,  i don't log, and i get 
this from syslog :

RT: FAILED LOGIN for janin from (rt/sahre/html/autohandler:191)

it's seem that the module User_Local.pm is not load because there is no 
connexion between RT and the Ldap server (i made a tcpdump).

Thanks for help,

Christian Janin

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