[rt-users] best resources for understanging permissions for users, groups and queues

Ken Crocker KFCrocker at lbl.gov
Fri Dec 16 15:40:20 EST 2005


     I have had the same problem here. We have over 30 queues and I am 
currently developing an administration guide for Queue administraors to 
show the various methods of setting up roles/groups/users rights so 
users get replies, watchers see e_mail, and workers can take, modify, 
comment, close, etc. while at the same time not letting certain users or 
workers interfere with what's going on in Queues they don't work with 
and to eliminate the redundancy that comes with the RT flexibility. I'm 
almost done with it, and that includes adminstrating custom field ticket 
rights per queue as well as scrips. If anyone is really interested, I'd 
be glad to send a copy. For our administrators, we require they read our 
USER Guide first. We also are developing a SYSTEM Administrator guide as 
well  (including panel/page example displays, etc.).


Duncan Shannon wrote:

>	Hi All-
>Im needing to be more granular and careful about permissions (with 20 or
>so queues) compared to before it was just 2 or 3.
>Im more than happy to RTFM, but I goggled around a bit and checked the
>wiki, but don't feel I ever found a 'definitive guide to RT permissions'
>(sorry if I missed it)
>Can someone point me to a guide for permissions?
>Specifically, I want to achieve:
>1) Several queues (2 per client, 10 clients lets say) That is done.
>2) groups of users (staff) that have access to the appropriate queues
>(customers that they do work for) to do normal ticket work (create,
>edit, update, resolve etc) So far, I picture one group per client, and
>then give rights on clients queues to the client group
>That is the basics of what I need to do..
>I'd love to figure out a way to give the mgmt of our clients a way to
>login and see all the tix that their end users have created in our
>system... but that can be a battle for another day.
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