[rt-users] msg cc

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Mon Dec 19 10:09:42 EST 2005

At Friday 12/16/2005 09:30 PM, Mike Richardson wrote:
>We just found that when you reply to a message, and add a cc to that 
>reply, it doesn't get sent.
>the history shows the RT Send at the top of the message like this
>RT-Send-CC:     eric
>but in the outgoing mail, it doesn't get sent (and of course never arrives).
>If we add those same people to the regular CC under the people section, it 
>Any idea what we need to adjust to make the msg CCs work?


What scrips do you have configured globally & for the queue? One-time Ccs 
(what you describe) are counted as 'other recipients' in the scrip 
processing - so you'll need to have a scrip something like 'On Correspond 
Notify Other Recipients with template Correspondence'.


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