[rt-users] Question concerning moving a ticket and assigning to member of new queue.

Nathan Oyler noyler at khimetrics.com
Mon Dec 19 12:49:06 EST 2005

I'm working on trying to allow users to assign a ticket to a queue, and
to a member in that queue within a decent workflow.

I've added in a section for changing a queue within a reply or comment
(update). In this way you can change the queue, but the users within do
not update. So you can comment, change the queue, set the owner to

Then click on people and assign to who you'd like. Not terrible, but it
could be better.

I was thinking, I use Dick Pape's ForkAskQueue.html from

This gives me the ability to create a pretask or a posttask, and asks
for the queue first to be able to correctly assign the information.

I'm thinking a similar thing may be good for moving a ticket and
assigning a user. Specify which queue you want it moved to, then it will
move the ticket, and give you the update page with the information all
filled in (although now thinking about it, would the user still have
access to update for a comment.. I guess they'd still be the owner at
this time, have to think about that some more.)

Anyway, Does this seem like a reasonable thing to do? Am I reinventing
something that may already exist in a newer version of RT (currently on

What do you do to allow users to move a ticket into a new queue and
assign an owner, maybe I'm missing something extremely obvious?


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