[rt-users] customize rt for use in public library

Josh Kuperman josh.kuperman at gmail.com
Mon Dec 19 12:52:40 EST 2005

I am setting up RT for a public library. Public libraries have become  
common places for people to use computers. We don't set up accounts  
but I'd like to integrate RT so at least inside the library anyone  
with a tech complaint can tell us what ain't working.

I have two goals but they involve a lot of customization of the  
interface. Basically we have three groups of people library technical  
staff - (me), library staff, and the public. Unlike schools and  
colleges, we have a lot of people who just use our computers without  
a login.

I have noticed a lot of prior discussion of anonymous submission etc.  
I need to customize our interface so anyone can just create a login  
(or perhaps with no logon) submit a problem. I would love to hear if  
there are any other public libraries or similar situations. For that  
matter it might even be nice if staff account creation was initiated  
by staff, when they first used the system since some won't care or  
would just want to mail it it like the public.

The second concern is integration with our web site. We have a bunch  
of css style sheets and images that we use to provide some branding.  
I would like to integrate that so that we at the very least have a  
page where anyone can see that they are in the library and initiate a  
ticket either anonymously or through email. (though they would have  
to email it from elsewhere because since we aren't giving out  
accounts the emails have to come from all over - but they would still  
need a way to follow the resolution on the web site (or not). Again  
trying to get in touch with someone with similar experiences.

Finally, our web server serves pages both inside on our 172.16.10.x  
network as well as from the outside. I do want anyone in the library  
to be able to initiate a ticket anonymously. Do I want to verify  
people outside the library? Not really, but the information I'dl like  
to record my be different. For example is someone is sending me a  
"this machine is broken" message I would like to capture the  
machine's info. The library patron wouldn't know but the web logs  
would. So can I have one instance of rt server multiple sites; say  
inside and outside a net and capture info from both.

Sorry about the length but really wasn't sure if anyone had done all  
of this before.

Josh Kuperman
josh.kuperman at gmail.com

PS has anyone set up a script to save multiple groups of settings, so  
that I could try something out - save that setting, then go over with  
some other people what would look best and just switch back and forth.

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