[rt-users] using command line tool

Luke Vanderfluit lvanderf at internode.com.au
Mon Dec 19 22:27:00 EST 2005


I'm trying to use the command line tool on a box running rt3.4.4.
I've created a .rtrc file in the directory I'm running the rt command 
line tool from.
It looks like this:

user foo
passwd foopass

then I try to run ./rt show ticket/<number>
but get the following error:
rt: Server error: Authorization Required (401)

it's obviously asking for authentication through the web server but I 
can't figure out why it's doing this.

Authentication for the box is through radius.
I've entered both a user:password combination from both radius and the 
rt database (root) that we're using, no luck.

Any hints appreciated.
Kind regards.


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