[rt-users] blank pages after statistics install

Rob Wilson robw at plattformad.com
Thu Dec 22 08:28:18 EST 2005

Kelly, I did see a note on the site about clearing cache after another
installation so I tried that.
yes, I did shut down apache. I did clear the mason_data/obj directory and
then restarted the web server.
The problem happens more with IE then firefox.

I am able to reproduce this problem in 3.4.4( installed on RHEL 4.0) and
3.4.1( installed on Debian Sarge)
it started right after I installed the statistics package.

How do I remove the statistics package?

Thanks for the quick response.


> A few people have seen this now (I think the count is 3), and I'm kind
> of lost to know how to track it down.  Does anyone have any ideas?
> Jesse?
> In the meantime, Rob, did you clear the mason cache while httpd was
> down during installation?  If not, try bringing down apache, then
> clearing the mason cache, and see if that helps.
> The only other thing I can say is that most people say that if they
> reload the page several times it goes away (for awhile).
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> Subject: [rt-users] blank pages after statistics install
> I installed RTx - statistics on 12/21/05. Ever since then the results
> pages are coming back blank. The home page also. Just logging in, this
> could happen. The alternate lines with colors are coming back but no
> information.
> I then hit the home button again and the tickets will show up. We can
> reproduce this consistently. I thought it was an Internet explorer
> problem but it has happens in firefox also.
> Here is our configuration
> RT 3.4.1
> Mysql 4.1
> Debian sarge
> Rtx Statistics 1.6.
> Please let me know if you have any questions.
> Thanks,
> Rob Wilson
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