[rt-users] BULK shredding?

Howard Jones howard.jones at network-i.net
Thu Dec 22 12:07:06 EST 2005

I've just been looking into using RTx-Shredder to kill off our deleted 
tickets (55000 tickets now, and probably 80% deleted).
However using the obvious incantation from the documentation:

    ./rtx-shredder --sqldump unshred.2005-12-21.B.sql --plugin 

it offers to delete 10 tickets. Running it again deletes another 10. Is 
there an option to shred ALL the matching tickets? I couldn't see one in 
the docs... From the web interface, there's a limit you can set, but if 
you set it high then the URI is too long for the RT web dispatcher 
('high' seems to be <500).

Can I specify a limit on the CLI version (bypassing any URI problems)?

I don't mind if it takes a while, just so long as it doesn't require 
poking every 10 minutes :-)

Best Regards,

Howard Jones

(Incidentally, the Shredder Web UI didn't work in IE6 at all - the 
show/hide for the plugin options didn't trigger. I used Firefox and it 
worked fine).

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