[rt-users] Could not add custom field value message

Nick Metrowsky nmetrowsky at digitalglobe.com
Thu Dec 22 10:01:10 EST 2005

Hi Everyone,


I just upgraded from Request Tracker V2.0.14 to V3.4.4 and for the most
part the upgrade went flawlessly. With an exception of a few ticket
links, a couple users and about 20 or so comments/attachments; 15300
tickets migrated nicely. Unfortunately, I also have one problem. Our
site has decided to add custom fields, as they are now available in
Request Tracker V3. So, I created the custom fields, set the ACLs needs
so they could be used on tickets, queues, groups, etc. The custom fields
appear correctly, when you view them in the configuration area, they
show up on tickets, etc. Also, the fields show up fine in the Query
area. So, everything looks like it works. However, when I try to enter
information into a custom field, on a ticket, I get a "Could not add new
custom field value" message. Does anyone have any insights on this


I am running RT 3.4.4, MySQL 4.1.15, httpd 2.0.55, mod_perl 2.0, perl
5.8.7, AssetTracker 1.2.1, DBIxSearchBuilder 1.35, Rtx:RightMatrix
02.05, Statistics 1.5 and a whole slew of CPAN modules. FYI, I did stop
the web server, remove /opt/rt3/var/mason_data/obj and restarted the web
server when I did all the upgrades and extensions to Rt 3.4.4


Thank you for your time.



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