[rt-users] Where did my nice feature go?

Lee Roth bwc_lr1 at easy48.com
Fri Dec 23 00:39:57 EST 2005

I'm running RT V3.2.3, but was briefly playing with RT V3.4.4.

At one point I swear I had a feature/function that provided, in the body of 
a ticket, a link that I could click to reveal the outbound correspondence 
that had occurred at that particular point in the chronology of the ticket.

Now is that something that is available under V3.2.3 and I just managed 
(somehow) to briefly enable and then disable it, or is it part of the 
V3.4.4 (that I had running briefly and decided to revert back to V3.2.3 due 
to a DB issue)?

Since it's kind of hard to describe I've not had any luck in searching back 
through the listserv posts to figure out what I did to enable it.


Lee Roth

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