[rt-users] Email.pm permissions problem on an otherwise working RT 3.4.2 installation

Dan O'Neill rt at northpb.com
Fri Dec 30 13:44:43 EST 2005

I have one customer, just one, that when he sends email to 
support at domain.com he receives back the message

   Subject: Message not recorded

   Permission Denied

In the Apache error_log file is this line:

[Fri Dec 30 18:23:27 2005] [crit]: Permission Denied 

I have tried to debug this and have failed.  All other email 
addresses/users are able to send email and have tickets opened.

The users groups are:

     * Everyone
     * Unprivileged

The queue in question has these rights:
     * CommentOnTicket
     * CreateTicket
     * ReplyToTicket

Here is what I suspect:

   I suspect that Email.pm or some method that it calls is doing a case
   sensitive lookup of the users email address.  The user recently
   changed his email address from using uppercase letters to all
   lowercase.  We are using Postgres in which string comparators
   are case sensitive.

Can anyone take a look?  I'm willing to experiment with you.  You can 
aim me at 'danolj' if you like.



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