[rt-users] can't create new user in RT3.2.2

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Tue Jan 4 14:48:24 EST 2005

At Tuesday 1/4/2005 02:36 PM, James Lee wrote:
>i'm using RT3.2.2 with oracle 9 as the database.  i
>have a problem with creating new account in RT.  i
>used root as the login and under the configuration
>link on the left side, i select 'Users' -> 'New user'.
>  i proceed to enter the new account information.  i
>also checked 'let this user access RT' and 'let this
>use be granted rights'.  when i click submit i get the
>following error: 'User could not be created: Could not
>create user'.  i also sees the following error in the
>[Tue Jan  4 19:33:26 2005] [error]: Could not create a
>new user -

Do you see ORA-12704 in the RT log? And are you using DBD::Oracle 1.16? If 
so, you may have hit a known problem that I don't think has been solved 
yet. A workaround seems to be to go back to DBD::Oracle 1.15.


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