[rt-users] Newbie Question - showing different columns on HOME page

brian mccabe thealbs at yahoo.co.uk
Wed Jan 5 09:55:49 EST 2005

Apologies for the basic nature of this question -
Wiki's disappeared and I need some help!

I'm on RT 3.2.2 and wish to change the Home Page to
display Due Date instead of Priority. I have achieved
this through a process of trial and error by editiing
a local copy of MyTickets, MyRequests...

The problem is that I want to apply a SQL function to
the column so that the date format is dd mm yy instead
of the default long format..something like ..

select date_format(due, '%d %b %y') from Tickets;

BUT - where do I apply this formatting?? Any help
would be greatly appreciated.

I also want to include a Custom Field on the same
panel. Seem to remember a WIKI article about that so
will wait for it to return unless someone wants to
post that to me too?

Thanks in advance

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