[rt-users] Is RT 3.x on unmodified OS X 10.3.x possible?

John Parker johnp at fmgsupport.com
Fri Jan 7 05:46:05 EST 2005

I haven't tried to use the native apache, but there are one or two
things that I came across that may save you some trouble:

1.	One of the perl modules XML::RSS I think, has a dependency on
libexpat which isn't present on a standard install of panther and has to
be manually added.

2.	Apache::request / libapreq requires a two step install under OS
X, probably, ;-) - The docs refer to libapreq 1.1 - current = 1.3 see
README in the libapreq distribution.

3.	If you are using MySQL make sure that /path/to/mysql_config is
included in your path - a nast glitch here is that if you use a symlink
to achieve this it will return incorrect values. (Using MySQL 4.1.7. OS
X installer) Modify your path statement to include the actual directory
instead. Without this, and some --with this --with that options
DBI::MySQL will not pass make test.

4. Mac OS X has postfix installed but not active by default. You can
enable it courtesy of this chap:

I am still investigating RT on OS X but have elected to start again from
scratch. I think it may well be easier to commit heresy (Enable the root
user.) and do everything as root rather than using sudo, particularly
when using CPAN.




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Has anyone been able to "natively" install a 3.x version of RT on a
"native" Mac OS X 10.3.x (I'm at 10.3.7) without having to update Perl
and compile your own apache, etc.?  I was unable to find any indication
of an install on unmodified OS X in the archives.

I know that there's a risk with attachments, but we don't attach any
(binary) files and only use English, so I assume we'd be at minimal risk
with OS X's Perl 5.8.1 and the DSO mod_perl given that OS X's Perl is
using a multi-threaded model (or maybe that's too much of a leap).  Our
use is very low-volume and quite specific, so I'm willing to take some

I gave a quick RT 3.2.2 install attempt, but received compile errors, so
thought I'd see whether this is a known waste of time before going
further.  I currently have 3.0.3 installed, but can't afford the
Herculean effort and associated time it took to get that version up 'n
running on OS X 10.2.x.
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