[rt-users] Easily assigning "requestor" a username rather than an email

Jonathan Reeder jreeder at minutemenu.com
Tue Jan 11 12:21:49 EST 2005

Since this question requires a little bit of background, I'm going to state
the question itself as simply as possible before I get into the back-story.

Q: How can I easily make the "requestor" of a ticket a user other than
myself, without necessarily knowing that user's email address?  Secondary to
that, is it possible to search through tickets by a requestor's username
rather than by his email address?

If this makes sense as is, read no further.  If not, you can see why I'm
asking below:

The way we have our RT set up is such that our clients are set up as users
in the system.  They can each login, search tickets, create tickets, etc.
However, they also call us quite frequently.  When they call us, an internal
support staff member will create a new ticket, and change the requestor from
himself to the client's email address as listed in their "Edit User" form.
Unfortunately, its obviously a lot easier to ask a caller "What is your
company name?" (which we use as their username) than it is to say "What
email address to you have on file with us?".  So it would be awesome if the
person fielding the call could just pop in a username rather than having to
find the email address associated with that username.

Also, I'd like to be able to search through tickets by providing a
requestor's username rather than his email address.  Right now, the search
criteria only has "(Requestor's|CC's|AdminCC's) email address
(contains|doesn't contain) __________".  I'm wondering if any of you guys
have come up with an easier way to search through tickets by a requesting
user rather than by a requesting user's email address.

Thanks a bunch for taking the time to help out.

Jonathan Reeder
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