[rt-users] Easily assigning "requestor" a username rather than an email

Todd Chapman rt at chaka.net
Tue Jan 11 12:39:47 EST 2005

I think there are some places in RT where LoadByEmail is called and
it should probably just be Load(). User_Overlay::Load() should
be changed to:

sub Load {
    my $self       = shift;
    my $identifier = shift || return undef;

    #if it's an int, load by id. otherwise, load by name.
    if ( $identifier =~ /^\d+$/ ) {
    elsif ($identifier =~ /\@/) {
        $self->LoadByEmail( $identifier );
    else {
        $self->LoadByCol( "Name", $identifier );

On Tue, Jan 11, 2005 at 11:21:49AM -0600, Jonathan Reeder wrote:
> Since this question requires a little bit of background, I'm going to state
> the question itself as simply as possible before I get into the back-story.
> Q: How can I easily make the "requestor" of a ticket a user other than
> myself, without necessarily knowing that user's email address?  Secondary to
> that, is it possible to search through tickets by a requestor's username
> rather than by his email address?
> If this makes sense as is, read no further.  If not, you can see why I'm
> asking below:
> The way we have our RT set up is such that our clients are set up as users
> in the system.  They can each login, search tickets, create tickets, etc.
> However, they also call us quite frequently.  When they call us, an internal
> support staff member will create a new ticket, and change the requestor from
> himself to the client's email address as listed in their "Edit User" form.
> Unfortunately, its obviously a lot easier to ask a caller "What is your
> company name?" (which we use as their username) than it is to say "What
> email address to you have on file with us?".  So it would be awesome if the
> person fielding the call could just pop in a username rather than having to
> find the email address associated with that username.
> Also, I'd like to be able to search through tickets by providing a
> requestor's username rather than his email address.  Right now, the search
> criteria only has "(Requestor's|CC's|AdminCC's) email address
> (contains|doesn't contain) __________".  I'm wondering if any of you guys
> have come up with an easier way to search through tickets by a requesting
> user rather than by a requesting user's email address.
> Thanks a bunch for taking the time to help out.
> Jonathan Reeder

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