[rt-users] Easily assigning "requestor" a username rather than an email

Jonathan Reeder jreeder at minutemenu.com
Tue Jan 11 13:49:34 EST 2005

>What version of RT are you running?  I'm not sure about the ticket
>creation side of things, but the ticket query builder in our
>installation definitely lets you search on (Requestor|CC|AdminCC)
>(Name|Realname|Nickname|EmailAddress|etc).  We're running 3.4.0rc5, but
>I'm pretty sure that's been there since at least 3.2.2...

You're absolutely right.  My apologies, I was still running 3.0.12.  Now if
I can just figure out how to create the tickets with a username as requestor
instead of email address, I'll be all set.  Thanks a bunch for the heads-up.

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