[rt-users] AD Integration

Matthew Watson matthew.watson at staff.netspace.net.au
Fri Jan 14 02:29:53 EST 2005

We have done this to some extend, not so much with our clients, but
certainly with our staff.

We get all our staff auth from AD, using a custom apache auth handler
and turning on RTs external auth.

We also manage all group membership in AD and use a perl script to sync
that with RT3's groups, this script also adds new staff (or will very
soon) and disables old staff as needed.

Probably not exactly what you are after, but you can get at pretty much
everything in AD using Net::LDAP, although it is a little slow, I'd
imagine it wouldn't be a massive chore to either sync the user details
with AD, or even to pull it directly from AD when appropriate. 

Any just to see if we can start a flame war... Stick with XP.. Linux on
the desktop is a joke, for a server, its great. :)


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> Hi All,
> Laugh as you may (go on, we all need a good laugh from time to time),
> run our business here on a Microsoft Windows SBS 2003 box.  As many
> (actually, pretty much all) of our clients are purely Microsoft or
> MS/Apple shops, this is ideal as it means that we use daily what we
> sell, recommend, install and support for our clients.
> Anyway, what would be **really** nice for us is to have RT utilize AD
> for its client database - all of our client contact details are stored
> in AD (Exchange 2003) and we don't really relish the thought that if
> implement RT here (and it looks REALLY likely) we'll then have 2
> unrelated client databases that will have the tendency to get out of
> sync.
> Anyone done/doing this?  My Linux knowledge is getting less and less
> with each passing day.  However some decent pointers will allow me to
> pester people I know if I start getting lost.  :)
> Hhmmm, I *really* should start playing a bit more with Linux.  I'm
> starting to miss it here - back onto a Win XP desktop myself after
> on 3 years of a Linux desktop.
> --
> Regards,

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