[rt-users] ShowNavigation broken in 3.2.2?

John Stoffel john.stoffel at taec.toshiba.com
Fri Jan 14 08:38:50 EST 2005

>>>>> "Jesse" == Jesse Vincent <jesse at bestpractical.com> writes:

Jesse> ShowNavigation is only designed for the main search page. It's
Jesse> not supposed to work from embedded searches.

Bummers, since it would be really nice to have it do so.  Basically, I
want to change the main page to just have a single area showing all
open & new tickets, without regard to who owns them, etc.  

We're not a large shop, so splitting up the display doesn't make sense
for us.  At least not right now.  

Honestly, I'm trying to get back to the simpler setup of the RT 1.0
look, which I felt was clean and simple and used screen realestate
very effectively.  

Does anyone have any suggestions or examples on how to simplify the
interface?  Skins anyone?  *grin*

And the CLI tools were *much* better.  Sure, you had to be careful how
you setup perl and the include paths, especially if you wanted to do
the work from alot of remote systems, but we had it working nicely.  

I've played with the new CLI, but it's not nearly as nice or polished,
I guess there isn't as much demand nowdays.  Too bad, since using the
HTTP protocol (while understandable from your point of view!) for the
CLI isn't ideal.  

But don't get me wrong Jesse, I think this is a great tool!  I just
want to keep it simple in it's look and power, and not impose alot of
process on the trouble ticket handling setup.


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