[rt-users] ShowNavigation broken in 3.2.2?

Stephen Turner sturner at MIT.EDU
Fri Jan 14 10:08:37 EST 2005

At Friday 1/14/2005 08:38 AM, John Stoffel wrote:
>Does anyone have any suggestions or examples on how to simplify the
>interface?  Skins anyone?  *grin*

At MIT we've done some work with the home page. We've removed the two 
ticket listings and replaced them with three sections of links to saved or 
canned searches. The three sections are:

1) "my" saved searches
2) Group saved searches
3) Global canned searches (currently two links, mapping to the standard 
home page ticket listings)

The idea is that users want direct access to "their" stuff from the home 
page, and using the saved search feature gives them the ability to build a 
customized list of "bookmarks" to their searches, accessible from the home 


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