[rt-users] ShowNavigation broken in 3.2.2?

John Stoffel john.stoffel at taec.toshiba.com
Fri Jan 14 16:22:31 EST 2005

Stephen> At MIT we've done some work with the home page. We've removed
Stephen> the two ticket listings and replaced them with three sections
Stephen> of links to saved or canned searches. The three sections are:

Stephen> 1) "my" saved searches
Stephen> 2) Group saved searches
Stephen> 3) Global canned searches (currently two links, mapping to
Stephen> the standard home page ticket listings)

That's a great idea.  I'd also like to have a better "QuickCreate"
window for adding tickets, which is what I'm not working on.  

Stephen> The idea is that users want direct access to "their" stuff
Stephen> from the home page, and using the saved search feature gives
Stephen> them the ability to build a customized list of "bookmarks" to
Stephen> their searches, accessible from the home page.

Would you be willing to share some of your code, or at least the ideas
behind it so others could use it as well?


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