[rt-users] Need help with handling stalled tickets

sab.lists sab.lists at ticse.net
Mon Jan 17 09:47:24 EST 2005

Hello everybody

I really don't know if this is the right place to ask such a question, 
but as I don't have any other idea to where I could get help I'll give 
it a try.

I'm a trainee and my boss gave me the task to find a better way  to 
handle stalled tickets.

As I don't have any manual for RT (I couldn't find anything on the 
bestpractical homepage), I started googeling... I didn't find much.. but 
at least I found the RT-Maillinglist ;-)

You have no idea how glad I am, that I have found this! (My Boss is 
quite strict and he always grants very little time to solve a task)

What we exactly need is a way to handle stalled or very old unresolved 
Tickets. Is it somehow possible to send a reminder E-Mail to the Ticket 
owner after a while if a ticket has been stalled or hasn't been altert 
for a certain time? Probably it would also be a good thing if a stalled 
ticket would be automaticaly reopend or get a higher priority or something.

What's important: we're only using RT 2 (not 3) and no-one ever uses 
Starting or Due Dates.... so I have to find a way using the 
creation-date or the date of the status-change (in case of stalled 
tickets) as a time reference.

I personally think the only way to solve our problem would be a script 
or a plug-in or something like that. Are there any websites that provide 
plug-ins for RT2? Or is there a way I could write a plug-in myself? 
Would this be complicated, and what would I need to do it. (At the 
moment I just have normal user rights for our RT... but my boss told me, 
he would give me full system-access when I can present a solution)

I'd really apprichiate your help (ideas or hints or anything at all)

All the best and thanks in advance!


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