[rt-users] Backup/Restore for Server transition.

Camron W. Fox cwfox at us.fujitsu.com
Mon Jan 17 15:47:02 EST 2005


	I know it's been covered before but I can't seem to find it in the
archives. We have an RT3.2.2 installation on an old RH7.3 box (hardware's
iffy, some sporadic failures). We have a new RT3.2.2 installation on a new
spiffy RHES3 box. The baseline configurations are the same - Mysql, FASTCGI,
etc. However, the new DB was built with INNODB.
	We want to dump the data from the old box and put it in the new box.
I read previously that mysqldump/mysql were the best ways to do the
"export/import" but I was wondering about any specific flags and such.
	I looked on the WIKI and didn't find anything. Any help would be
greatly appreciated.

Best Regards,

Camron W. Fox 
Hilo Office 
High Performance Computing Group 
Fujitsu America, INC.

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