[rt-users] automatic ticket owner assignments

Jay Christopherson jaychris47 at hotmail.com
Mon Jan 17 18:40:33 EST 2005


I've been using RT for quite a while now, and we have only one issue:  our 
people often work a ticket through email, but don't bother to login to RT 
and "Take" ownership of a ticket.  The end result is that we end up with a 
huge queue of tickets that are owned by "Nobody".

So, I was wondering if there would be a way to automatically assign the 
first person (who is not the requestor) to reply to a ticket via email, to 
be the owner.  So, like this:

1.  Person X sends a request via RT and a ticket is created.
2.  Admin Y responds to the ticket via email.
2a.  RT automatically assigns Admin Y as the owner.
3.  Admin Y works on and resolves the ticket.

As a second part, is there any way to resolve a ticket other than the RT 
interface itself (again, maybe through email with a keyword or something).


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