[rt-users] automatic ticket owner assignments

Niels Bakker niels=rt at bakker.net
Mon Jan 17 20:48:57 EST 2005

* jaychris47 at hotmail.com (Jay Christopherson) [Tue 18 Jan 2005, 00:58 CET]:
> 1.  Person X sends a request via RT and a ticket is created.
> 2.  Admin Y responds to the ticket via email.
> 2a.  RT automatically assigns Admin Y as the owner.
> 3.  Admin Y works on and resolves the ticket.

You'll want http://www.empolis.no/~espenhw/rt3/SetOwnerToActor.pm
and a scrip: On Correspond Set Owner to Actor with template Blank

> As a second part, is there any way to resolve a ticket other than the RT 
> interface itself (again, maybe through email with a keyword or something).

Via Custom Fields, but you'll have to do some hackery of your own.

	-- Niels.


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