[rt-users] Installed on debian sarge ok - but need to get basic email sending working with postfix

Kevin Bailey kbailey at freewayprojects.com
Tue Jan 18 10:03:33 EST 2005


request-Tracker3 has been installed and is looking great.

i have installed this on a debian sarge machine and will paste my notes
to the bottom of this posting.  when i have got postfix to work i will
update/tidy up the notes and put them up for the wiki.



i just need to get basic email sending to work.  i have changed from
exim to postfix, the 'mail' command works from the command line.

but when i add users to the cc line in RT nothing gets sent out - the
local email server logs show nothing.

could someone paste in some conf file settings which enable RT to send
mail using postfix.


kev bailey

Setting up Request-Tracker3
Edited the /etc/Request_tracker3/RT_SiteConfig.pm file.:

        # RT_SiteConfig.pm
        # These are the bits you absolutely *must* edit.
        # To find out how, please read
        #   /usr/share/doc/request-tracker3/INSTALL.Debian

        # THE BASICS:
        # 04/01/2004 - kbailey
        Set($rtname, 'freewayprojects.com');
        Set($Organization, 'freewayprojects.com');
        # 04/01/2004 - kbailey
        Set($CorrespondAddress , 'RT_CorrespondAddressNotSet');
        Set($CommentAddress , 'RT_CommentAddressNotSet');

        Set($Timezone , 'Europe/London'); # obviously choose what suits you

        # THE DATABASE:

        Set($DatabaseType, 'Pg'); # e.g. Pg or mysql

        # These are the settings we used above when creating the RT database,
        # you MUST set these to what you chose in the section above.
        # 04/01/2004 - kbailey
        Set($DatabaseUser , 'rtuser');
        Set($DatabasePassword , 'password');
        Set($DatabaseName , 'rtdb');

        # THE WEBSERVER:

        Set($WebPath , "/rt");
        # 04/01/2004 - kbailey
        Set($WebBaseURL , "http://rt.freewayprojects.com");


Created users and a DB on the new database.

First of all created a superuser on the DB called dba.:

        tinkerfour:~# su - postgres
        postgres at tinkerfour:~$ createuser -a -d -P dba
        Enter password for new user:
        Enter it again:
        postgres at tinkerfour:~$

Now create the user which RT will use to connect to the DB.:

        postgres at tinkerfour:~$ createuser -d -P rtuser
        Enter password for new user:
        Enter it again:
        Shall the new user be allowed to create more new users? (y/n) n
        postgres at tinkerfour:~$

Updated the /etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf:

        # TYPE  DATABASE    USER        IP-ADDRESS        IP-MASK           METHOD
        # Database administrative login by UNIX sockets
        local   all         postgres                                        ident sameuser

        # 04/01/2004 - kbailey
        host    template1   rtuser   password
        local   template1   rtuser                                   password
        host    rtdb        rtuser   password
        local   rtdb        rtuser                                   password

And then restarted the PG database.

Then checked that the user could connect.:

        kbailey at tinkerfour:~$ psql -d template1 -U rtuser -W
        Welcome to psql 7.4.6, the PostgreSQL interactive terminal.

        Type:  \copyright for distribution terms
               \h for help with SQL commands
               \? for help on internal slash commands
               \g or terminate with semicolon to execute query
               \q to quit

        template1=> \q
        kbailey at tinkerfour:~$

These notes are from when i copied a DB across from an original install.

Next should copy the DB across from the old machine.

First of all we create a fresh DB from the supplied script.:

        tinkerfour:~# /usr/sbin/rt-setup-database --action init --dba rtuser --prompt-for-dba-password

Lets copy the DB in one go.

To prepare for this we are need to ensure that all local connections to
the DB authenticate using a password - either if from sockets or local
IP address (

Then we will store passwords into the ~/.pgpass file so that the command
to backup (and restore) the DB will run from a script.

Ensure /etc/postgresql/pg_hba.conf contains:

        # All other connections by UNIX sockets
        # 02/12/2004 - kbailey
        #local   all         all                                    ident sameuser
        local   all     all     password
        # All IPv4 connections from localhost
        # 02/12/2004 - kbailey
        #host    all         all   ident sameuser
        host    all         all   password

The format of the .pgpass file is:

        tinkerthree:~# cat .pgpass

Also, needed to allow tinkerfour to send backup to tinkerthree - so line
was added to allow password authentication on tinkerhtree.:

            host    all         all   password

Command used to move DB over:

        pg_dump -c -U dba -h tinkerthree rtdb | psql -U dba rtdb

Now we needed to set up apache - so we edited /etc/apache/httpd.conf:

        # 28/12/2004 - kbailey

        #    ServerAdmin webmaster at host.some_domain.com
            DocumentRoot /var/www
            ServerName rt.freewayprojects.com
        #    ErrorLog logs/host.some_domain.com-error.log
        #    CustomLog logs/host.some_domain.com-access.log common

            Include "/etc/request-tracker3/apache-modperl.conf"


Restart the apache server.

We can now access the RT application at http://rt.freewayprojects.com/rt

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