[rt-users] Installed on debian sarge ok - but need to get basic email sending working with postfix

Sven Sternberger sven.sternberger at desy.de
Tue Jan 18 11:35:15 EST 2005

Hi Kevin!

I also use sarge with postfix and i don't alter the config. I
use the original line in
which is
Set($MailCommand , 'sendmailpipe');

maybe this is not a configuration problem, it is more a
general issue.

 > but when i add users to the cc line in RT nothing gets sent out - the
 > local email server logs show nothing.

where do you see the CC line?

For example the "new ticket" page there is a line under the cc field

->(Sends a carbon-copy of this update to a comma-delimited list of email
addresses. These people will receive future updates.)

this means only future updates will be send, because normaly you only 
have the scrip:
On Correspond Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence

if you want the new ticket to be send to the cc you need a new scrip:
On Create Notify Requestors and Ccs with template Correspondence

okay hope it helps!



Kevin Bailey wrote:
> hi,
> request-Tracker3 has been installed and is looking great.
> i have installed this on a debian sarge machine and will paste my notes
> to the bottom of this posting.  when i have got postfix to work i will
> update/tidy up the notes and put them up for the wiki.
> but...
> first...
> i just need to get basic email sending to work.  i have changed from
> exim to postfix, the 'mail' command works from the command line.
> could someone paste in some conf file settings which enable RT to send
> mail using postfix.

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