[rt-users] RT 3.2.2 very slow

Mike Patterson mikep at uclink.berkeley.edu
Tue Jan 18 18:09:38 EST 2005

Some parts of your experience sound similar to mine, although not quite 
as bad, and it's making me question my assumptions about whether new 
hardware will get me the speed boost I need.

I was running RT 2.0.1x on a FreeBSD 4.6 on good server hardware at my 
previous job and it was very responsive.

Running the 3.x series here at my new job it feels slower than I'm used 
to.  Short tickets (1 correspondence) takes ~3 seconds to load, Medium 
tickets (20 comments/correspondence about 20 seconds, Longest Tickets 
(e.g. more than 50 comments/correspondence) ~2+ minutes.  My assumption 
is that this is due to the desktop-class hardware I installed RT on.

I've tried a lot of different optimizations 
(http://wiki.bestpractical.com/index.cgi?PerformanceTuning), with little 

So I'm assuing that it's the underpowered hardware: (dual P3-700's 512MB 
RAM 5400 RPM IDE drive)
Current Build: FreeBSD 4.11 (originally 4.8)  / RT 3.2.2 / Perl 5.8.4 / 
Apache 1.33 Modssl 2.8.22  / Mod_Perl
1.29 / Sendmail 8.13.1/

I'm getting a new Dell PowerEdge (P4 3.2Ghz,  4 GB Ram, 10K RPM SCSI) 
soon :-) .
Assuming fast networking, reasonable install (FreeBSD 4.11) can I expect 
a short ticket to load in < 1 second, < 2 seconds medium tickets, 
longest tickets < 10 seconds?  Are people running RT on hardware in this 
range finding that performance?

I'm also contemplating building this new box with FreeBSD 5.3.  Have 
people had a good experience with RT on FreeBSD 5.3?


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