[rt-users] Getting the total record count

Andy Harrison aharrison at gmail.com
Wed Jan 19 15:12:37 EST 2005

On Wed, 19 Jan 2005 17:54:42 +1100, Rick Measham <rickm at 3d3.com> wrote:
> On the Summary (Home) page, I've changed the MyRequests to show the ten
> OLDEST unowned requests, as these need to be dealt with first.
> However this has now led to the predictable question: How do we know how
> many there are altogether?
> I know the users can click the title of the area to get a full list of
> open tickets, but I'd prefer to put it in the title. Is there a quick
> way to get the total?

Clicking on the "10 newest unowned tickets..." link isn't showing you
a list of open tickets, it's showing you a list of unowned New or Open

Keep it simple.  While it's not all that difficult to produce a count,
it's a bad idea because it's going to have to run the whole query
every single time the home page is displayed.

Andy Harrison

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