[rt-users] Callbacks are too greedy in rt 3.2.2

Przemek Jaroszewski przemek at cert.pl
Thu Jan 20 03:17:34 EST 2005

Jesse Vincent wrote:

> [ Seeing this, I now understand your following mail, but can you give me
> a concrete  example of when that callback fails?  As it was designed,
> RTIR 1.2 depends on that callback to do the right thing with ticket
> display. ]

In our environment, apart from RTIR, we have a queue called "Info" where 
requests for information rather than incident reports are supposed to be 
handled. The problem is that if someone sends such request to rtir at ... 
instead of info at ..., there is no way to move such ticket to the 
apropriate queue since RTIR interface does not provide the 'Basic' tab.

The workaround I described (removing the callback and changing RTIR 
search result filters to /RTIR/Display.html) fixes this but introduces a 
number of smaller issues that I'm currently looking into.

A good solution would most likely be to just add 'Basic' (possibly a 
custom one) to RTIR tabs.


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